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08:17pm 11/02/2005
mood: bored
Anyone who actually reads this journal better comment because if I don't have enough I'm going to delete it.
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Well Happy New Year Everyone   
01:26pm 01/01/2005
  Unlike most years, this year I have decided to make resolutions. So here goes:

Charly's New Year ResolutionsCollapse )
02:37pm 02/12/2004
dresden dolls are love
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02:02pm 04/11/2004
  I'm Fucking Frank N Furter
Frank N. Furter

Which Rocky Horror Character are you Fucking?
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Little Quizzies.   
12:00am 01/11/2004
mood: amused
Hot Patootie, I really love that Rock and RollCollapse )
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If you haven't noticed   
07:52pm 22/09/2004
mood: bored
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